Wednesday, February 01, 2006

John Lennon and the Flaming Red Rabbi

All we are say-y-ying is give peace a chance.Many of us have sung along with the famous John Lennon tune, a peace anthem recorded on June 1, 1969, in a suite in Montreals Queen Elizabeth Hotel.
Lennons death at the hands of a crazed fan recently passed its 25th anniversary, an occasion marked by a fresh crop of books about the singer. But only recently has it become widely known that a Toronto rabbi inspired John to write Give Peace a Chance the songs title and arguably its only memorable line.


At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Reda said...

I've always wondered whether Lennon penned " give peace a chance" on the spot while laying in bed and being surrounded by numerous journalists and wooers , or was the song already written ?

I would like to know whether you were more of a mccartney or lennon fan ?

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Moose said...

John Lennon


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