Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beatle's cast lends a hand to Bek's cause

The Beatles may have wanted to hold your hand, but now you can hold one of the Beatles' hands.As part of Bek Devlin's World's Greatest Shave, she is auctioning off a signed George Harrison framed hand cast. The cast, which comes with a certificate of authenticity (complete with pic of George doing the imprint), was taken in the Williams pits during the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1995. The piece is number 8 of 500 and is a rare commemoration of the guitarist, who died in 2001. The cast will be sold on eBay, with the auction concluding at 16:48:55 AEST April 1 (to be precise). Bek's locks will come off during a glam ASMF cocktail party at The Advertiser's new home, Keith Murdoch House, on April 7. There are still tickets available for the event - have a look at the story on E-Type Jazz for booking details.


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