Monday, March 13, 2006

A Seance to Contact John Lennon

'The Spirit of John Lennon': 90 Minute Pay-Per-View Special to Debut April 24th World Renowned Psychics Will Conduct Seance to Contact Music Legend on iN DEMAND On April 24, 2006, an historic event will unfold on iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View television as famed psychics around the world conduct a seance to contact John Lennon. John Lennon was one of the most important musical talents of our time, but he was tragically taken from us much too soon. Now, an event will take place that will perhaps allow the world to once again be touched by his genius. Renowned psychics will travel to various sites significant to the former Beatle. Outside the Dakota building in New York, in the shadow of the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles, and in the town in India where Lennon pursued his spiritual retreat, psychics will use their exceptional talents to contact him for the first time. In India, a spirit reader at an ashram believes he will be able to contact John Lennon to receive musical notes and lyrics from the other side. If successful, these notations will be flown to Los Angeles, where a composer will arrange the notes, add vocals and backgrounds to produce a new song. Could the results be a last musical legacy from beyond? In New York, a psychic will not only visit the Dakota, but will also spend time at the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park, where he believes he will make contact with the spirit of John Lennon. The special will culminate as psychics, colleagues and confidantes sit at a seance table for what promises to be the most incredible 30 minutes of psychic contact ever recorded. State of the art infra-red cameras will be in place for the entire seance, providing the ability to capture any presence or spirit that enters the room. During the special, music professionals and individuals who worked with John Lennon will be used to verify whether they believe contact was made. "The Spirit of John Lennon" promises to be one of the most riveting and controversial specials of the year. Paul Sharatt is executive producer for Starcast Productions. Associated Television International is the distributor. Debuting on iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View April 24th at 9:00 p.m. EDT. For more information and to view a trailer of the seance, log on to The Spirit of John Lennon is being done without the knowledge or consent of John Lennon's Estate. About Starcast Productions Starcast Productions, headed by award-winning producer Paul Sharratt, is the company behind a number of high profile projects including "The Spirit of Diana." The special became an international television event as captivated viewers watched world renowned psychics and friends reach out to the spirit world in an attempt to communicate with Princess Diana. "The Life of Leonardo DaVinci," the Australian/American series "Killer Instinct," and the successful wildlife series "Into the Wild" are among other noteworthy Starcast works. About Associated Television International Associated Television International has been successfully producing and distributing television series, specials and feature films for over three decades. ATI's corporate mission is to produce projects that are both educational and entertaining for audiences worldwide. Its programs have aired on all US broadcast networks and the major cable channels. In the last year, such programs as "The National Health Test," "Laura McKenzie's Traveler," "The Unauthorized Biography of Johnny Cash," and "Unlocking DaVinci's Code" all received acclaim.


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