Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Apple boss 'admitted' taking name from Beatles

The latest round in the 25 year battle between Apple Corps, the Beatles' music company, and US giant Apple Computer brought a claim on Monday that the latter has admitted taking its name from the former.The claim was made in the High Court in London, which is hearing a case over the computer company's use of the name and logo on its iTunes music store. In a witness statement made available on Monday, Neil Aspinall, the Beatles' former road manager who now runs Apple Corps, maintains that Steve Jobs, co-founder and chief executive of Apple Computer, once told him the US company had actually been named after Apple Corps. Mr Aspinall said he could not remember exactly when the conversation took place. But it happened during discussions on a proposal for a website proposal aimed at helping to promote The Beatles 1 album six years ago. "I have enjoyed good relations with Mr Jobs over the years, and I was not surprised that he told me this," Mr Aspinall told the court. Mr Aspinall's account is at odds with some of the perceived wisdom.


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