Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Catholic group backs McCartney anti-fur campaign

An international Catholic animal welfare lobby has backed a new campaign by pop legend and animal rights campaigner Sir Paul McCartney to prevent high-street shoppers from unwittingly purchasing real fur.The Universe reports that the former Beatle and his wife Heather, are continuing to wage war against shops selling real fur after a BBC documentary following their anti-fur campaign found that the absence of any legal requirement to label fur garments meant that some people in the UK could be buying real fur without ever knowing."I cannot imagine of any Catholic wanting to take part in this barbaric trade," said Catholic Concern for Animals General Secretary Debbie Jones after stating her support for Sir Paul's campaign."Obviously if there is no labelling scheme people will assume that what they are wearing is humane. What the McCartneys have unearthed will be a cause of great distress for a lot of people," she said."It would take a very callous person to wear real fur knowing how it is acquired."According to their website, the Catholic lobby "research and disseminate authentic teachings of the Catholic Tradition and of other religious beliefs to help bring about a way of living in accordance with the Creator's design."


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