Monday, April 10, 2006

Heather McCartney recovering after leg surgery

Heather Mills McCartney has had an operation on her part- amputated leg - and is now in a wheelchair. The former model, - wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney - underwent a "revision amputation," which involves re-attaching muscle tissue to her bone, last Monday after experiencing severe pain. The 38-year-old blonde - who has a young daughter, Beatrice, with Sir Paul -is now recovering at home.A spokeswoman for Heather - who lost her leg in a motorbike accident in1993 - is quoted in Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper as saying: "It's amajor operation - but it's been a success. She's in a wheelchair, but out ofhospital...She has been putting off the operation but she couldn't put it off any longer."Heather will be in a wheelchair for the next four weeks and is then likely to need crutches for several weeks.Last year, Heather was left limping in agony after having her false leg wasallegedly knocked off by one of Jennifer Lopez's bodyguards during a furprotest at the star's fashion headquarters.The injury occurred as she stormed into the New York office of the Latindiva's fashion label, Sweetface, which uses fur in its clothing range. During the protest, Heather clashed with the star's security guards and asthey tried to move her out of the building her prosthetic leg twisted andcame loose, leaving Heather writhing in agony.


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