Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lennon 'bed-in' inspires art students

Two Halifax art students are staying in bed all week, in the name of peace and John Lennon. Jody Zinner, a student at NSCAD University, said she was inspired by Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, who staged a "bed-in" for peace in Montreal in 1969. "I remember growing up and hearing about it. It was the ultimate Canadian peace demonstration, in my mind, even though it wasn't two Canadians," she said. Zinner and partner Maggie Boyd have set up a double bed at the Miniseeds gallery on Hollis Street as way to get people thinking about war. "With us entering into Afghanistan more and it getting more serious, a lot of Canadians are really conflicted about their feelings towards that. This is just another great way for them to pause and walk by and think," Zinner said. Lennon and Ono held their first bed-in for peace in an Amsterdam hotel in March 1969. A few months later, they spent a week in a bed at Montreal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel.Zinner said the storefront gallery is a great location for the bed-in because people are comfortable dropping in for a visit. She and Boyd even brought along their dog and cat. "We get a lot of people making peace signs. Everybody just walks away grinning," Zinner said. The art students began the bed-in Monday evening and plan to wrap it up on Friday.


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