Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Lennon's spirit sends peace message'

Psychics claim murdered Beatle John Lennon told them: "Peace... the message is peace" in a controversial pay-per-view TV séance.The 90-minute show, which cost £5.60 to watch, was broadcast on American TV. The makers of The Spirit of John Lennon said a voice recorded at the La Fortuna restaurant in New York, which the star used to frequent, appeared to be that of the murdered musician, speaking via the paranormal "Electronic Voice Phenomenon".British psychic Joe Power, who conducted the séance, said: "I have no doubt in my mind that we were able to make contact with the spirit of John Lennon."The show provoked outrage among Beatles fans, and was branded "tacky" and "exploitative" by Yoko Ono's friend and spokesman, Elliot Mintz."A pay-per-view séance was never his style," Mintz said of Lennon.The show was made by Starcast Productions, whose British head, Paul Sharratt, was also behind a pay-per-view effort to contact the late Diana, Princess of Wales in 2003.Lennon was assassinated outside his home in New York's Dakota building in 1980.


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