Thursday, April 27, 2006

Let It Be: The Beatles Songs of Lennon and McCartney

With a few notable exceptions (Doug Parkinson's version of Dear Prudence, Joe Cocker's With A Little Help from My Friends), the best versions of Beatles' songs are versions by the Beatles. So why do lesser talents - in this case John Waters (who has spent part of his career playing John Lennon), Leo Sayer, Rick Price and Christine Anu - believe that the public wants to rush out and hear their versions of the old classics. Who knows?Anyway, this is a concert hall production of some of the Beatles' later songs (from Rubber Soul and Revolver on) with the singers backed by an outfit calling itself The Day Tripper Band. It is worth remembering that some years ago an English journalist named Roy Carr put together a book of Beatles memorabilia (photos of old tickets, posters, etc) and sold a million copies.

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