Thursday, April 20, 2006

Paul McCartney regrets wearing fur

Sir Paul McCartney has berated people who knowingly wear garments made from animal fur.The music legend has also criticised himself for wearing fur in his younger Beatles days, but now realises he made an error in judgement.He explained: “Like most people we didn’t realise when you wore a fur jacket, as John (Lennon) did on the concert tour on the roof of Apple, or as I did in the film Help… you didn’t realise what you were doing by wearing fur.”Wife Heather Mills McCartney added: “If I ever bumped into Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista or Jennifer Lopez, you know, there is no way I would be gentle with them because they’ve been informed time and time again.” The pair are vehemently anti-fur, and frequently protest against cullings of animals including seals and cats for fur.


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