Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bruce Spizer impressed at Love sneak peek

A press conference was held today in the custom-built theatre at The Mirage in Las Vegas, and What Goes On and Beatles Today contributor and acclaimed Beatles author Bruce Spizer was on hand for the first sneak preview of the latest Cirque du Soleil show, LOVE, which was co-produced by Apple Corps. What Bruce is most excited to let fans know about what he heard today is that what could have musically been a disaster, the recombining of bits of Beatles tracks in new ways, is in his opinion, striking, beautiful and very exciting. George Martin and his son Giles combined to work on the project, going back to the actual master tapes at Abbey Road Studios, using more than a hundred different Beatles song elements. For example, here is a very short clip from the material made available today to the press. How many different songs can you hear? Excerpt from The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil (:29 924k) Bruce says if you think this sounds exciting in stereo, wait until you hear it in 5.1 surround sound as it is presented in the theater. More clips and pictures from the show, including a full report on the press conference from Bruce coming soon to What Goes On Beatles News, and a full article about the making of the music for the show and the future CD and possible DVD releases, including comments from George Martin, will be featured in the upcoming June issue of the Beatles Today News Magazine.


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