Monday, May 22, 2006

Heather McCartney's Alimony May Not Be As Big As You Think

Press reports around the globe have been predicting Paul McCartney may have to shell out as much as a quarter of his estimated $1.5 billion fortune to estranged wife Heather, if the couple goes ahead and divorces. The speculation has mostly focused on the fact the couple do not have a pre-nuptial agreement.But while Sir Paul will clearly take care of Heather -- keeping her in fine style for the foreseeable future, veteran Chicago divorce attorney Herb Glieberman tells me the settlement will likely be far less than has been mentioned by the media. Glieberman, how has authored much of Illinois' family law over the years, is also well-versed in foreign divorce laws. He points out that under British law -- all of Sir Paul's assets acquired BEFORE the couple married four years ago -- are not subject to be shared with Heather. Only his income and whatever assets acquired since 2002 are fair game.Naturally, "having a child is a huge factor -- and something that is very important here," Glieberman points out. "That child will be maintained the same way she has been since her birth," and that obviously will involve major cash layouts by McCartney.Meanwhile, Heather has reportedly fled the prying eyes of the press in Britain -- and flown to Slovenia in an attempt to seek some privacy while she and Sir Paul work out details of their separation agreement.


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