Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Heather Mills Pulls Out Of Public Appearance

Troubled Heather Mills has cancelled a public appearance tomorrow because of 'press coverage' of the break up of her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney.The high profile couple officially confirmed they had split after four years of marriage last week following days of rumours and speculation about bitter rows.Campaigner Heather was due to speak at a press conference in London tomorrow as patron of the charity the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, which is launching a report claiming milk and dairy produce are bad for health.However she has pulled out of the event citing continued speculation about her love life.An official spokesman said today that she "fears there is a great danger that the conference and public talk will be about her and her private life" rather than the report.Instead a letter of support from her will be read out at the conference.The spokesman said on Heather's behalf: "In view of recent press coverage, Heather knows that any public appearance at the moment will almost certainly be misconstrued and presented negatively."Heather fears that there is a great danger that the conference and public talk will be about her and her private life and obscure entirely the important message that the White Lies report needs to communicate."The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation and the White Lies campaign has Heather's full and continuing support and she will be issuing a statement to be read at the conference." Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of the VVF, said: "I understand it fully and wish Heather well at this difficult time. There are other disturbing aspects of dairy which are not covered in this report and as the campaign progresses we will be exposing them. I know that Heather will want to be a part of this important work." The VVF is calling on the Government to stop giving free milk to schoolkids


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