Friday, May 19, 2006

McCartney: 'Heather Never Made Me Dye My Hair'

SIR Paul McCartney has laughed off claims his estranged wife Heather Mills made him dye his hair - insisting he has done it of his own accord for years. In a message posted on the former model's website before the couple split this week McCartney attacks myths about his relationship with Mills. He writes: "Heather makes me dye my hair... not true. It is true that I colour my hair. Wow, Shock Horror! "I've actually been doing this for many years now with varying degrees of success, but it's my hair, and if you don't like the result I'm afraid it's just too bad, but it's certainly nothing Heather suggested."I was engaged in this devilish practice years before I met her. I remember a strange blue dye dripping down my forehead on an Australian tour over ten years ago, but let's face it, if I want to dye my hair pink, that's up to me and no one else."The suggestion that it was Heather's doing simply isn't true."


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