Wednesday, May 31, 2006

McCartney’s soon-to-be ex looks for a little help from her friends

Lady Heather Mills McCartney reportedly believes that her failed marriage to rock ’n’ roll royalty Sir Paul McCartney makes her heartache comparable to the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ deep-sixed marriage.Pish posh, we say! The former lingerie model-turned-activist is said to be negotiating a Princess Di-style sit-down with England’s ITV’s Sir Trevor McDonald, reports Anglophiles may remember the gobs of sympathy the Princess of Wales elicited when she spilled the intimate details of her ruined royal relationship with telly presenter Martin Bashir.Lady McCartney, dubbed a “gold-digger” in the London tabloids and now fighting her famous hubby for custody of their daughter, Beatrice, 2, feels the need to spin her side of the story.But insiders expect the booted Beatle bride might not garner the same spin success as England’s Queen of Hearts considering that Diana was more popular than her husband was - or ever will be. Heather contends she and her good deeds for landmine victims and baby seals were overshadowed by her husband’s celebrity. Ya’ think?Friends of the 63 year-old singer hold strong to their suspicion that Mills’ fiery temper - and not McCartney’s fame or the meddling media - caused the couple’s demise.“He tried everything to make their marriage work,” a source told the National Enquirer. “He took insults and swallowed his pride just to smooth over their violent rows. This guy is idolized by millions of women, but he lost his heart to one who humiliated him.”It could be Heather’s growing reputation for rage that is pushing her to appear on television as a vulnerable victim. An ITV source said: “Heather wants to give her side of the story and knows Sir Trevor and is a fan of his. She thinks he would give her a relatively smooth ride compared to other interviewers.”She may get an easy interview with Sir Trevor, but considering Paul McCartney’s super-powerful divorce lawyer, Nicholas Mostyn, she’ll need to save her energy for court.Mostyn is renown for his specialty in representing wives seeking massive settlements from wealthy husbands.“He’s the best in Britain,” an insider told the Enquirer. “Paul got him before Heather could.”


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