Saturday, May 27, 2006

Paul: Always the 'cute one'

Call it a case of life imitating song.Paul McCartney is 63 and and suddenly single - he and wife Heather Mills announced their separation May 17 - which got us to wondering:Will you still need him, will you still feed him, when he's 64? Turns out, Sir Paul doesn't have to worry, even though his 64th is approaching June 18.We talked to fans at Hair of the Dog English Pub - where else? - who are still swooning over this aging crooner.

“When he’s 64, I bet he’ll be drinking beer like me. Probably in a pub. Maybe an English pub!”— Charles Roberts, Hemet

“For his birthday he’ll probably play a show, likely in a small venue. And then I think he’ll continue to age gracefully like he has been.”— Joe Robitaille, Hemet

“Midlife crisis — here it comes! Besides that, I think he’ll continue to tour. And I’d really like to see him release another album.”— Gigi Agredano, Cathedral City

“He’s probably going to slow down his life and concentrate more on family. After his divorce, I think he’ll still be able to get the chicks, but he’s going to go after a different sort of woman, more of a homespun type.”— Patrick Gorman, Palm Springs

“Paul McCartney put on the best concert I’ve ever seen in my life. So this year I’d like to see him more visual in our area, like Tucson or Phoenix. [In his personal life] I wish both he and his ex the best of luck. I just hope this doesn’t become one of those awful celebrity divorces.”— Dawn Anderson, Phoenix

“He should marry me. I would run off with him in a heartbeat. He looks the same now as he did 40 years ago.”— Beth Collins, Desert Hot Springs

How much do you know about Paul?

1. Paul McCartney does not own the rights to which of the following songs?
(a) "I Love Lucy" theme, (b) "Love Me Do," (c) "The Christmas Song" ("Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire") or (d) "Get Back"?

2. What is McCartney's nickname (a) El Guapo, (b) Big P, (c) Macca or (d) The Walrus?

3. The original title of "Yesterday" was (a) "Scrambled Eggs," (b) "Far Away," (c) "Come and Gone" or (d) "Something Dumb"?

4. McCartney's first musical instrument was (a) guitar, (b) violin, (c) piano or (d) trumpet?

5. Which of his songs does McCartney most frequently list as his favorite (a) "Hey Jude," (b) "Here, There and Everywhere," (c) "Yesterday" or (d) "Let It Be"?


1. (d) "Love Me Do"
2. (c) "Macca," a short version of his last name, since his youth.
3. (a) McCartney originally wrote the tune to dummy lyrics. Original first line: "Scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how I love your legs."
4. (d) He took up guitar because 1950s rock bands didn't include the trumpet, and bass because the Beatles had too many guitarists and no bass player.
5. (b) "Here, There and Everywhere" has been a McCartney favorite since "Revolver" (1966).


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