Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Starr Appearance - No Headaches For Ringo At 4Head Garden

Beatle Ringo Starr braved the rain yesterday (MON) to visit the Chelsea Flower Show and joked "The problem we've got is that we're sinking up to our necks." Ringo, together with wife Barbara Bach, was officially opening the 4head garden - one of the main exhibits at the show which featured the sculpture of a giant naked woman covered in grass reclining by a pool.Ringo said: "I wonder if the green lady has got a good soaking?" He added: "Gardens are part of our heritage. We love the smells and the colours - I have a garden myself and I love the garden but I don't actually do the gardening. We're vegetarians and we grow a lot of fruit and veg ourselves. We actually get about 80 per cent of our food from the garden."I've got many acres. I'm not telling you how much, but it's more than Chelsea. We've got a head gardener and several under gardeners." When asked whether he was saving water in light of the hosepipe bans in place in parts of the country he joked: "I've all my hosepipes going."Ringo was also asked about what he thought of Paul McCartney's split with Heather, but he remained tight lipped, only saying with a smile: "She's a lovely girl." The 4head garden, which includes woodland and more than 7,000 plants and healing herbs, is sponsored by 4head, the natural treatment for headaches - in recent clinical trials the treatment was shown to start working within two minutes. Ringo was supporting the POD charity which organises children's entertainers for youngsters in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.Carefully walking around the garden so as not to slip, Ringo said: "This garden is great. It's a full of herbs. I love the woman and I love the flowers and the grass. We're here to promote POD. It does a great job in entertaining kids in hospital." This is the third year Ringo has supported the 4head garden at the show - and he often takes back a memento of his visit from the garden. This year it's thought he might choose the huge 10ft high driftwood sculpture in the garden, which took two weeks to create.Ringo said: "We always say we're not going to get another bench but we always do - we bought back a bench last year, so who knows this year?"


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