Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Will Heather do a 'Diana' interview?

Heather Mills is said to be considering a Princess Diana-style television appearance which could reveal intimate details of her marriage rift with Sir Paul McCartney. The former model is thinking of telling 'her side of the story' in an interview with ITV's Sir Trevor McDonald, it is believed. Such an appearance, with a presenter known for his deferential style, would draw comparisons with Diana's explosiveinterview with Martin Bashir, in which she talked openly about her failed marriage to Prince Charles. Miss Mills, 38, has already been accused of modelling herself on Diana, as the wronged partner whose marriage was overshadowed by her husband's public profile. Like Diana, she has thrown herself into charitable work, travelling round the world to highlight the plight of slaughtered seal pups. This has also led to comparisons with Sir Paul's first wife Linda, who died of breast cancer eight years ago. Miss Mills also became patron of the Adopt-a-Minefield charity, saying she had an affinity with those who have lost a limb. Diana had previously visited a minefield and amputees in Angola. She called for an international ban weeks before her death. An interview with Miss Mills would give a unique insight into life with 63-year-old Sir Paul. Although he has been a household name for 40 years, he has kept his private life largely under wraps. But the former Beatle's lawyers will be keen to make sure he is not blamed for the impending divorce, nor depicted as stingy as the couple discuss how his £ 800million fortune may be divided. An interview with Miss Mills would be a coup for Sir Trevor, who has gained a reputation as a smooth operator who rarely gives his subjects too tough a time. An ITV source was yesterday quoted as saying: "Heather wants to give her side of the story and knows Sir Trevor and is a fan of his. She thinks he would give her a relatively smooth ride compared to other interviewers." Miss Mills has vowed to return to the catwalk and resume her career as a model when her marriage ends, even though her settlement will be enough to ensure she never has to work again. She worked as a catalogue model before losing her leg when hit by a police motorcyclist 13 years ago. She has since reinvented herself as an animal rights activist and political campaigner. Miss Mills has now signed up to the little-known model agency Zone. Yesterday, it was reported she has instructed her agent she wants to return to the catwalk later this summer. Her actions have been described by some as further evidence she is a self promoter, who grew upset at living in Sir Paul's shadow. As their marriage collapsed after four years, some of her friends hoped she might adopt a lower profile. The latest development may reinforce Sir Paul's conviction that he made the right decision in seeking a divorce. He was understood to have become increasingly fed up with his wife's determination to pursue a high-profile lifestyle despite his desire for a private, domestic existence at his Sussex estate. The couple, who have a daughter Beatrice, two, announced their separation this month after it emerged they were living in separate houses 50 miles apart. In a statement, they blamed the media, saying they found it "increasingly difficult" to maintain a normal relationship in the public eye. Despite speculation that Miss Mills could get up to £200million of Sir Paul's fortune, recent reports suggest her settlement is likely to be closer to £25million.


At 1:26 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

I would love to see an interview just to visually see how her emotions act. Maybe I would be more forgiving if I see that she is a genuinely kind person.

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