Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heather Mills McCartney's assassination fear

Heather Mills McCartney believes she could be assassinated like late Beatle John Lennon. The model - the estranged wife of Lennon's Beatles bandmate Sir Paul McCartney - fears she could be attacked like Lennon and fellow Fab Four member George Harrison by a crazed fan because of the intense interest in her private life at present.

The animal rights activist - who is also concerned about the safety of her and Paul's two-year-old daughter Beatrice - has been spotted outside her home filming passers-by and paparazzi because she is so worried about being attacked.

She reportedly told photographers gathered outside her home: "John Lennon was shot and George Harrison was stabbed and loads of kids are kidnapped."

Heather - who has been staying with her sister since her split from Paul - sparked concern among her friends about her mental state after she allegedly verbally attacked a shutterbug.

She was reported in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "People are pursuing me round the country. I said stay away from my baby. I have a catalogue of evidence."


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