Monday, June 26, 2006

Welsh online picture agency secure Beatles snaps

Over 30 years since they split, interest in The Beatles lives on, with over 500 million album sales to date. Now Welsh online picture agency, fotolibra has secured images of the Beatles that have previously never been available for purchase. The images are not standard publicity photographs, rather authentic snaps of the Fab Four and their friends taken on their travels in the 1960s. is the world's first fully digitised online picture library. Gwyn Headley, Managing Director and unabashed Beatles fan, said, "It's not every day you come across such unusual shots of the biggest musical act of the 20th century. What a treasure! Where else can you see Jane Asher and George Harrison posing awkwardly for the camera, a hand drawn card created by Ringo Starr, and Macca looking worse for wear in India - even Prudence Farrow, who inspired 'Dear Prudence'!"

He went on to reminisce, "It's a blast from the past seeing the guys in '60s outfits, playing the sitar and sporting dodgy sideburns such a priceless and classic set of shots. Denis O'Dell's collection captures the day-to-day lives of the group; much more interesting than the hackneyed old publicity shots. The photos have only ever appeared previously in Denis's autobiography, 'At The Apple's Core'."

The Beatles Collection is the latest coup for fotolibra. Other major collections on the site include award-winning digital artist Mandy Collins, never-seen-before celebrity B&Ws courtesy of Frazer Ashford and exclusive shots taken by Frank Jessop, founder of photographic retailer Jessops.

fotolibra is open access, which makes it the only picture library where anyone can upload images and market them to publishers, design agencies and the professional picture buying community.


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