Wednesday, June 21, 2006

'When I'm 64' cover perks up McCartney

A recording of a Beatles' song by Paul McCartney's children and grandchildren helped the singer enjoy his 64th birthday in London Sunday.

Three of McCartney's grandchildren joined his four eldest children in recording a cover of the Beatles' hit "When I'm 64," which they presented to the singer whose life has taken a negative turn as of late, the Daily Mail reports.

McCartney, who recently split from his wife Heather Mills McCartney and has been enduring public allegations of her purportedly lurid past, found the off-key recording to be a bright respite from his troubles.

"It was such a lovely gesture that Paul couldn't help but be touched," a source told the Mail. "He is still pretty low but the terrible singing on the record by his family was enough to have Paul in hysterics."

According to the Daily Mirror, Mills McCartney did not visit the former Beatle on his birthday, but had earlier delivered him a bottle of wine as a gift.

"It was a gesture Heather felt she had to make to wish her husband a happy birthday and to tell him to enjoy Father's Day, even if it was impossible for her to be there," an insider told the Mirror.


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