Thursday, July 20, 2006

Beatles producers says "Love" soundtrack includes secret code

Legendary Beatles producer George Martin promises a prize to fans who can crack a "code" found in the upcoming soundtrack to The Beatles LOVE, which is now playing at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Martin and his son Giles used various snippets of Beatles tunes for the mosaic-like soundtrack to the show created in conjunction with Cirque du Soleil. Martin revealed to Britain's The Express On Sunday that he and Giles incorporated a total of 130 Beatles songs within their 90-minute soundtrack.

No release date for the official soundtrack for The Beatles LOVE has been announced by the Beatles' company Apple -- nor for that matter, has anyone announced what the prize for the "code" crackers may be.

In other Beatles-related news:

The man who was arrested for attempting to sell unreleased tapes from the Beatles' 1969 Let It Be sessions had been found mentally unfit to stand trial. reported that the schizophrenic would-be bootlegger Nigel Oliver was ordered to undergo two years of psychiatric supervision rather than four years of jail time for his role in attempting to sell over 80 boxes of stolen Beatles memorabilia.

In addition to the tapes of the Fab Four sessions, which were copied from Nagra mono tapes of the group rehearsing in January 1969 during the filming of their Let It Be movie, was the late George Harrison's passport. Accompanying the items were instructions on how to go about selling the stolen goods. Authorities are still unsure whether Oliver or another party wrote the notes.


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Secret code, eh? Hmm..

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