Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paul McCartney worries about Heather Mills stalling divorce proceedings

Despite previously claiming there was “an ounce of truth” in the rumour that she married him for his money, Paul McCartney now is reportedly worried that wife Heather Mills has become a gold-digger after she declined a £30million settlement in exchange for a quick divorce.

Heather initially suggested she would agree to a “quick and painless” divorce to avoid getting embroiled in a public battle for the sake of their daughter, Beatrice but now she’s changed her mind.

According to “a close friend” of Paul’s quoted in the Sunday Mirror, “Paul is a reasonable guy who doesn’t like confrontation. He wanted to keep the divorce quick and amicable for the sake of Beatrice - but feels Heather is being difficult and trying to drag things outs.”

“In his eyes they had agreed they wanted to make the divorce quick and painless and a settlement was virtually in place - but then Heather started getting unreasonable because she wanted more money.”

“She wants as much as she can. She’s a gold-digger.”

“Paul never wanted to go down this route, but Heather left him with no choice in the end.”

A source close to Heather though has claimed no settlement was offered, let alone refused: “There has been no financial offer … she is outraged by the suggestion she’s a money-grabber.”

“Paul has always been tight with his money towards her. She was having to pay the mortgage on their Hove home where she is based until a few months ago. She even went on chat shows to raise money to pay staff, people like her secretary. This is likely to form part of her counter-claim.”

Another friend of Paul’s though as claimed that she’s not just stalling because of the money: “Heather loves being Lady McCartney. It has given her power and influence.”

“For example, she’s met many of the major world leaders … and has become a world famous celebrity on the back of it. And she is terrified that when she returns to being plain Heather Mills all that will be lost.”


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