Sunday, August 20, 2006

Paul McCartney 'Heartbroken' By Heather Mills' Behaviour

The divorce between the former Beatle and former glamour model looks set to be a long affair dragged out through the courts.

And a close friend of McCartney has revealed that he his desperately trying to understand how things have got this bad.

They said: "Paul has been left heartbroken by everything that has happened. He is not angry or bitter or full of rage. It’s much, much sadder than that. He is upset, confused and lonely."

“He can’t believe the way it has all turned out. As far as he is concerned, he always wanted their divorce to be conducted with dignity, diplomacy and discretion.”

Another friend added to the Mirror that McCartney was eager to keep up good relations with Heather until two weeks ago when Mills went public with a supposedly private legal letter.

"That moment was a turning point for Paul," said the pal. "He became convinced that the level of detail must have come from one place - and that wasn’t his own team of aides and lawyers."

"It dawned on him that the gloves were off."


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