Friday, August 18, 2006

Pete Best says Ringo Starr enjoyed the fruits of his hard work

The Beatles' original drummer Pete Best says that although there are no hard feelings between him and the group, he does feel that Ringo Starr enjoyed the fruits of his hard work with the band. The drummer joined the group 46 years ago (August 17th, 1960) and was fired just short of two years later on August 15th, 1962. He was replaced by Starr, who had been the drummer for Rory Storm & the Hurricanes.

Best, who says that he has had no substantial contact with any of the Beatles since the night before he was fired, told us that Starr walked into a much cushier job than he did upon joining the Fab Four: "Y'know, when you think about it, the first trip out to Hamburg, (Germany), we were playing six, seven hours a night. And I think actually, when (laughs) Ringo joined they were playing 20 minutes, half an hour sessions, or something like that. So, I did a lot of the spade work, put the long hours in and he was the one who picked up the glory."

While Ringo was with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes, he did in fact play similarly grueling sets in Liverpool and Hamburg, often sharing a 12-hour bill with the Beatles.

Best has just wrapped up a U.S. tour with his Pete Best Band.

Later this fall, the drummer will re-release his 2005 Best Of The Beatles DVD, which was previously only available in limited distribution. The documentary features Best's first hand recollections of the Fab Four's formative days in Liverpool and Hamburg.


At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article! Pete Best was definitely the better drummer. It's too bad he was kicked out just when the band was about to make it big. Who knows how much better they would have sounded had they kept him.

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that he was the better drummer, but he certainly was Ringo's equal. I don't think that the Beatles would have been better or worse had he stayed, just different. I love the drumming he did on "Besame Mucho", "My Bonnie" and "Ain't She Sweet." These are all Beatle's classics as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe Paul McCartney could bury the hatchet and do a one off show with Pete at the Cavern some day. That would be awesome!!!!!

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Our best work was never recorded....Because we were performers... in Liverpool, Hamburg and other dance halls. What we generated was fantastic when we played straight rock, and there was nobody to touch us in Britain. As soon as we made it, we made it, but the edges were knocked off. You know, Brian put us in suits and all that, and we made it very, very big. But we sold out, you know." John Lennon from the Rolling Stone interview in 1971.

That sounds like he's talking about the Pete Best era to me. Pete must be the better drummer.

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're darn right Ringo benefited from Pete's hard work! Pete helped get the Beatle's to a recording contract and was booted out on the verge of stardom!
He was a better drummer than Ringo that's for sure.


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