Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sir Paul McCartney's Heather ban

Sir Paul McCartney has banned estranged wife Heather Mills from collecting daughter Beatrice from his home.

Instead, the former model was forced to travel to neutral territory and meet the two-year-old tot at the Flackley Ash Hotel, just 300 yards from Paul's East Sussex home.

The Beatles legend had been taking care of Beatrice for the past week and sent his daughter to the hotel accompanied by a nanny.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Paul made it very clear he didn't want her at the main house for the handover. Heather wasn't angry or upset. She just shrugged her shoulders and said, 'If he wants to play it that way, then let him.'

"She thinks the whole matter could be handled a lot more discreetly for Bea's sake. But she didn't want a big row, so she let him have his own way."

The estranged couple then both flew separately to the US from Heathrow airport yesterday (15.08.06).

Once Heather was reunited with her daughter, the pair flew to Heathrow in a navy blue Sikorsky 76A helicopter and boarded the 3pm flight to Los Angeles.

Paul flew to New York an hour later.

The bill for Heather's two-hour helicopter ride was £4,770.

Meanwhile, Heather - who has hired Anthony Julius, the late Princess Diana's divorce lawyer - is set to submit her counter claim this week and it is believed her revelations about their four-year marriage will stun the world.


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