Tuesday, August 29, 2006

“Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles Last Concert.”

Now back in print after 15 years, this is the definitive account of the Beatles concert in San Francisco on August 29, 1966. Written by Eric Lefcowitz, it features 60 of Marshall's celebrated photographs including images of the Beatles backstage and performing onstage for the last time.
In 1986, I approached Jim Marshall about putting together a book based on his photographs of the Beatles’ last concert on August 29, 1966.

Background on the Book

This was the last public concert the Beatles ever gave in front of a paying audience and Marshall had full backstage and onstage access to shoot—the kind of access that is rarely given to photographers anymore. He made the most of his time with the group.

It was the “last hard day’s night” as Marshall put it. What he documented on 8/29/66 was the culmination of a joy-producing, life-affirming, groundbreaking musical movement known as Beatlemania.

Sixty of Marshall’s images appear in “Tomorrow Never Knows”—images that testify to his genius for capturing spontaneous moments and candid nuances. Thumbing through the proof sheets of that historic night, you see the four Beatles relaxing, smiling, posing for photographs and finally performing. Together they provide a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Fab Four.

To round off my research for the book I also conducted interviews with Joan Baez and her sister Mimi Fariña, who were invited guests, Vern Miller who played in the warm up band the Remains, soundman Mort Feld and several other witnesses to the event. I also received permission to republish several fascinating articles by noted journalist Ralph J. Gleason.

I am pleased that these beautiful images are back in print. Like the Beatles, the artistry of Jim Marshall’s photography never goes out of style.



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