Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Heather Mills threatens to drop “bombshell” on Paul McCartney

Heather Mills is not the only one whose reputation has taken a beating in her bitter divorce battle from estranged hubby Sir Paul McCartney, for she’s now threatening to do the same for him with some “bombshell” revelations.

According to reports, Mills' divorce lawyer Antony Julius, has already compiled a file of serious claims that the former model has made against Macca, and will be made public around the time of the divorce settlement.

A pal of Mills’ rubbished reports that the couple had found a way for an amicable arrangement, and that the model was now preparing to settle score for stories about her past that she believes have been leaked by Macca’s camp.

"Heather has made a number of very serious allegations against Paul which are set to come out in court. However, quite apart from that she feels that her character has been irrevocably damaged by a rash of stories which she is sure have been leaked out by Paul's side," the Daily Mail quoted the pal, as saying.

The friend insisted that as the divorce settlement draws closer, Mills will be going public with the claims, which are said to be “pretty serious”.

"As the divorce settlement gets closer, she is fully planning to go public with some pretty serious claims about how Paul treated her during the marriage. There is some serious weight behind all of these allegations" the friend added.

"Heather has made records of a catalogue of incidents which have happened during the marriage. There's a lot to say on Heather's part but she is not prepared to go public with it at this stage. She has been told by Antony Julius to keep her head down and let things take their legal course," the pal revealed.

And the friend also said that Mills’ revelations will be like a “bombshell” for McCartney.

"It's bombshell stuff - every one of these allegations would be front page news. Rest assured, if all goes to plan, what has happened in this marriage will not remain secret. The allegations will see the light of day. Heather will not want to go down in history as Evil Heather - the bad guy in this marriage," the pal insisted.

The source continued there had been a lot of innuendo from Macca’s camp to make Mills look ‘bad’ in the public’s eye. However, the animal rights activist was not prepared to take the accusations lying down, and is planning to give tit for tat.

"There has been a lot of innuendo to make her look very bad. For that reason, Heather is not going to be happy to go down in history without letting this all out"

"However until now - on the advice of her lawyers - she has been very careful to tell no one about these details," the source revealed.


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