Sunday, September 17, 2006

McCartney Divorce: Mill's Video Diary Vexes Paul

Heather Mills' video diary of her divorce from Paul McCartney has the ex-Beatle worrying about his personal business finding its way to reality TV.

The dish from the Daily Mail a few weeks back was that Mills was recording the ongoing split to provide her with a hammer as the proceedings work their way to a final settlement.

The newspaper indicated at the time that sources confirmed Paul was worried his estranged wife's new body of work might turn into a TV series with Heather conveniently cast as the victim.

A spokesman for Mills said the former model was actually recording the antics of the paparazzi wolf pack that has followed her every move since the breakup.

McCartney has reportedly offered his estranged $72 million to divorce and never discuss their marriage in public.


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