Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Book showcases the Beatles as artists see them

The music of the Beatles helped define the 1960's, and inspired not only musicians, but artists of the day who captured the spirit of John, Paul, George, and Ringo in their artwork. The Beatles continue to inspire artists, and some of the best examples of these images have been compiled by Boxigami Books into a new book called Beatles Art.

Beatles Art is a compilation of art from professional artists from all over the world, offering their own unique interpretations of The Beatles and their music. The artwork pictured ranges from traditional paintings to digital creations. In addition, the artists share how The Beatles impacted their art, their lives and the world.

From doodles to oil paintings, from collages to sculptures, Beatles Art captures the Beatles as they were in performance, on TV, in the media and as we remember them, from all the years the Beatles were together.

The foreword for Beatles Art was written by Jock Bartley from the US band Firefall, who shares his own thoughts on the Beatles in an open and honest way that genuinely sets the tone for the great art contained in the book. Jock is an artist, musician, and a Beatle fan, and so he brings his own unique perspective to the topic. In his foreword, Jock says:

"It's no secret. The Beatles are the best Rock and Roll band ever. They were back then, they are today and will always be. Paul, John, George and Ringo changed the entire world and human experience like no other group could ever hope to."

More than a pretty coffee table book, as you thumb through this book, you, your family and friends will find vivid images which spark your own memories of the times and events. It's a book that takes you away and you can easily get lost in its pages.

Beatles Art is a beautiful 10 1/2 x 12 soft cover book, 212 pages, including 150 full color images. For each book sold, Boxigami Books will donate $1 US to Adopt-A-Minefield.


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