Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stella McCartney in Pregnancy Scare

Pregnant fashion designer and Stella McCartney was rushed to hospital early this week, after suffering bleeding and abdominal pains which raised concerns over her unborn baby.

The seven months pregnant Beatles heir, who`s expecting her second child, spent a night on 18 Sept at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, where after undergoing several tests, she alongwith her baby was declared fine by the doctors, who later allowed her to go home on Tuesday.

However, she was strictly instructed to rest, and call a complete halt to all non-essential activity.

"She has been read the riot act," the Daily Mail quoted a source, as telling the Sun.

"Her condition was viewed as serious by doctors. Medics warned her she must rest completely up until the birth. This means total bed rest," the source added.

A witness at the hospital who saw Stella said: "She was completly distraught."


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