Saturday, September 16, 2006

U2 can walk across Abbey Road, Bono

Is the iconic shot for the album Abbey Road which has been copied by thousands of Beatles fans. But this time, the fans re-enacting the famous walk outside the Abbey Road studios can say they know a bit about music themselves.

Bono and U2 were joined by American rockers Green Day for a photo opportunity while the two bands recorded a duet together. And on hand to catch the moment on video was Bob Geldof, who was filming proceedings in the studio.

The studio was the birthplace to most of the Beatles records, and countless other classic albums from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon to Radiohead's Kid A.

According to U2's website the two bands will re-record a version of The Skids' 1978 post-punk classic The Saints Are Coming.

The track should be featured on the album which the Irish supergroup have been recording at the famous studios during the past week.


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